Team Tools and Diagnostics

Team Barometer

This tool helps any group of people working together to learn more about themselves and how they behave in groups. The tool combines the Organization Barometer from Claes Janssen with Wilfred Bion's theory of groups and group process. Bion observed that groups tended to demonstrate two distinct forms of behaviour; workgroup behaviours where the group collaborates constructively to achieve team goals and 'as if' behaviours where the group is concerned with basic emotional needs or 'assumptions'. Bion specifically identified three 'as if' behaviours - dependency, fight-flight and pairing - that a group may adopt which can interfere with the task the group is attempting to accomplish.


Teamwork Survey

In their groundbreaking study of teams which they entitled 'Teamwork', Carl Larson and Frank Lafasto attempted to answer the question, 'What makes an effective team?' The results of their work were eight key characteristics which help to explain how teams develop or why they don't develop. We have designed this team survey to help you to benchmark your current team effectiveness against the eight characteristics. The Teamwork Survey can be administered via email or online.


Belbin Team Roles

During a period of over nine years, Dr. Meredith Belbin and his team of researchers based at Henley Management College, England, studied the behaviour of managers from all over the world and identified nine different clusters of behaviour or 'Team Roles' that drove the success of a team. Each team-role has a combination of strengths and allowable weaknesses. The Belbin Team Roles survey (self-perception inventory and up to 6 observers) is completed online.


Virtual Team Assessment

The eight characteristics that apply to co-located teams will also apply to virtual teams however there are, of course, some similarities and differences. After reviewing a lot of the current research and best practice on virtual teams, we have come to the conclusion that we can also identify eight characteristics - that are similar but not identical with those originally described by Larson and Lafasto. The Virtual Team Assessment can be administered via email or online.


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