Organisational Change Tools & Diagnostics

Organizational Barometer

This tool is not a traditional organizational climate survey but a dynamic real-time diagnosis of a group's current thinking around change, the need for change and change readiness. Experienced problems and needs are identified and become the basis for group and organizational dialog and the creation of specific action plans. The tool can be used to measure the climate for change, create a common language within your organization and identify key issues and as part of a 'Real Time Strategic Change' intervention since all those affected are involved in the process.


Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale

The Outsider Scale was the very first diagnostic tool that Swedish psychologist, Claes Janssen developed as part of his groundbreaking research on individual and collective self-censorship and defense mechanisms in the 60s and early 70s with the Swedish Film Institute. The research showed that there are two very distinct perspectives or views of reality and that people on either end of the spectrum have either a willingness or unwillingness to censor reality. The Outsider Scale captures the individual's experience of reality and their willingness or unwillingness to censor reality for the sake of belonging.


Gender Equality Barometer

Gender equality is often viewed as a strategic business imperative for future business growth but many organizations, groups and communities find it hard to do anything about it. The Gender Equality Barometer was designed to help organizations identify blockages they are experiencing relating to gender equality, promote dialog in the area and identify action that can be taken. It is a customized application of the Organizational Barometer.


One of the great strengths of the Organizational Barometer is the fact that it can often be customized to apply to specific situations involving significant change where new ways of thinking and acting will be required in order to make implement a desired change.

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