Culture & Diversity Tools and Diagnostics

Corporate Values Assessment

The Corporate Values Assessment from Richard Barrett can be used to prepare a cultural audit report known as the Merger and Acquisition Compatibility Assessment. The audit highlights the key issues that should be addressed in implementing the cultural aspect of the merger. Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools CTT have been developed based on the work of Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of human needs; from survival, relationships, self-esteem to self-actualisation. Barrett proposes that self-actualisation can be called 'transformation' in an organizational context and expanded to include four distinct states of consciousness - transformation, internal cohesion, inclusion of others, and unity. Thus we have the 'Seven Levels of Consciousness' model.


Organizational Thinking Inventory

The Organizational Thinking Inventory OTI is a customized application of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument HBDI. The OTI is an organizational culture survey which visualizes the shared mindsets or thinking styles within an organization based on the whole brain model from Ned Herrmann; analytical, structural, humanistic and strategic thinking. The survey captures both the self-perception and the partner-view based on eight core elements of organizational culture. These include Project Management, Planning, Change Management, Customer Service, Performance Management, Communication, Decision Making and Teamwork.


Diversity & Inclusion Barometer

McKinsey's 1997 report 'The War for Talent' stressed the importance of attracting, retaining and promoting leaders from diverse backgrounds in organizations. Despite this many communities and organizations still struggle when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion. The Diversity & Inclusion Barometer has been designed to help organizations identify blockages they are experiencing relating to diversity, promote dialog in the area and identify action that can be taken. It is a customized application of the Organizational Barometer and developed based on the Gender Equality Barometer.


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